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  1. Download latest release (
  2. Launch the "DotNetServiceConsole.exe" application to watch the demo tasks getting executed.
  3. Logging message should appear on the console and inside a log directory that will automatically be created.
  4. Configure the tasks included inside the "spring-objects.xml" file to match your need.
  5. Once you are confident about your tasks, you can install the service using the INSTALL.bat file.
  6. Check the log file to verify the activity of the windows service.


Only five kind of scheduled tasks are supported:
  • TaskURL: petition a specific URL: when working on a ASP.NET website, it's sometimes cleaner and easier to maintain all your businness logic inside your project.
  • TaskEXE: execute an EXE or BAT: care is taken to prevent duplicate process running at the same time.
  • TaskMethod: fire a method inside an assembly: at this time only value type parameters and the string class are supported.
  • TaskMethodInterop: fire a method inside an assembly and pipe return value to another method inside the same or a different assembly.
  • TaskMSSQLStoredProcedure: fire a parameterless stored procedure inside a Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • TaskWebService: fires a parameterless ASP.NET webservice.


In case you are using the "TaskMethod" then the DLL that gets loaded may require reading settings such as a connectionstring or smtp credentials. In order to make those settings available, you will need to add them to the DotWinService.exe.config file inside the appropriate section.

If you want to load a specific config file, you'll have to specifically ask for that file by name inside the loaded assembly and most probably you will have to change the code responsible for loading all the settings. Since this may require important changes, it is more recommended to merge all your application's settings inside the DotWinService.exe.config.

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